Ihre Meinung ist uns sehr wichtig, bitte hinterlassen auch Sie eine Rezension über Ihre Erfahrungen mit uns.

Am 7.9.01 wurde in meinen Mercedes C 200 CDI ( W 203 ) in Oberwaltersdorf der modifizierte Chip eingebaut. Nach der ersten Testfahrt war ich sehr zufrieden, eine Beschleunigungsmeßung ( handgestoppt ) vor und nach dem Tunen ergab eine Verbesserung von ca. 2 sec von 0 - 100 km/h. Jetzt bleibt abzuwarten wie es sich mit dem Verbrauch verhält. Erstes Fazit ist aber SEHR POSITIV !! Ich kann Euch auf jedenfall nur weiterempfehlen !!
Datum: 08 September 2001
von: Wolfgang Deutsch
, Austria
I have had my VW transporter 2.5TDI(102hp original) Upsoluted for almost half a year now. Something like 140hp with 320Nm (special chip)is fun to have for trafficlight shootouts on a cargo van. It keeps amazing my opponents over and over again :) Top speed raised from 155km/h to 180km/h which I had to prove to a guy on his precious Renault Laguna otherday. Actually it runs out of gears, with sixth gear 200km/h should be easy! BTW last fill up revealed 6.8L/100km -with my driving habbits-!!!I'm so pleased that now my wife's new Opel Astra caravan 2.0DI (82hp)will get Upsoluted. With new intercooler I'm aiming for 130hp.

I UPSOLUTELY thank you.
Datum: 28 August 2001
von: Janne Kilpi
Forssa, Finland
Had my 2000 V6 5 spd Variant w/ 45K miles chipped this weekend. Outstanding! Car just wants to gogogo! Thanks for putting new life back in my car.
Datum: 27 August 2001
von: Scott Jordan
White House Station, NJ USA
I got my 1.8T Chipped on saturday and it has been nothing but thumbs up to upsolute for such a great job! I cant get enough of it!

Datum: 27 August 2001
von: Joe Graz
Philly, PA USA
I drive BMW 320d. This evening tuned by Evry, Spijkerboor, Holland. He's done a very good job! Excellent how the car is handling now. Wonderfull accelerating, much more power at lower revolutions and
thank god, not extra smoke by using the extra power! I can advise all the people with 320d..... contact Evry. He's the right and accurate person to do the job. All the best! Evry (holland) thanks again!!
Datum: 07 August 2001
von: Jeroen Buter
Eexterveen, Drenthe Holland
Datum: 03 August 2001
Fragen bitte im Board unter
http://www.upsolute.com/cgi-bin/board/upsolute/ultimatebb.cgi oder per e-mail... danke
Datum: 24 Juli 2001
von: Alex
Oberwaltersdorf, NOE Austria
I just upsoluted my car yesterday. I like it so far will post again later on any updates. Rene, I'm Jason the one who Mace Ward sent you my ec. I'll keep in touch with you if that's o.k.
Datum: 20 Juli 2001
von: jason
knoxville, tn U.S.A.
Hertzlichen dank, Evry Schuiling Upsolute Holland, Mein VW T4 TDI, vorher 88 Ps, ist deutlich kraftiger und braucht weniger Kraftstoff wenn ich ruhig fahre (1:15).
Datum: 17 Juli 2001
von: G. Heijmans
Bemmel, Holland
Hallo Chiptronics, ich hab mir gestern Golf IV PD 115 tunen lassen. Seit dem bekomme ich das grinsen nicht mehr aus meinem Gesicht! Vielen Dank ich werde Euch bestimmt weiterempfehlen!
Datum: 13 Juli 2001
von: Mario
Baden, NOE Österreich
Recently had my 2001 Jetta TDI chipped by Garrett. I couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot fellas !!!!
Datum: 02 Juli 2001
von: Matt Herrbold
Neenah, WI USA
WOW! What a difference! I was lucky enough to meet Renee at Roswell this year, and he chipped my 2001 Beetle 1.8 Turbo. It is a lot of fun seeing the look on the faces of some of the Boxster owners that I have been taking" off the line and in traffic. What was VW thinking when they decided to sell these cars without giving then their full potential of power?

I salute you Renee, and Upsolute. Got any other goodies I can't live without? See you in Roswell next year,

Frank "
Datum: 26 Juni 2001
von: Frank
Long BEach, CA USA
As 1 of the 17 group board members at the May GTI International I had my 1998 VW Passat 1.8T Sport chipped.

I've now done 4000 Miles since the rechip and still have nothing but praise for UPsolute,it's absolutley fantastic.I only wish i'd had it chipped a long time ago.

Thanks again to Alex,Ali and Ossi for all your help
(now saving up for a K04 turbo with Upsolute software)

Datum: 24 Juni 2001
von: Andy Gibson
Redditch, Worcs U.K
Ich habe heute das getunte" Steuergerät in meinen Fabia TDI eingebaut.
Das Ergebnis ist einfach genial. Das Auto ging vorher schon gut. Doch
jetzt ist es der pure Wahnsinn. Zum Glück hat der Fabia Antischlupf-Regelung,
sonst hätte man Mühe, diese Kraft auf die Straße zu bringen.

Nochmals herzlichen Dank !!!!
Datum: 16 Juni 2001
von: Thomas Wallat
je suis tres content de votre puce que j'ai fait installer en angleterre, il y a environ 1 mois sur mon vehicule: une GOLF III TDI 110PS(avant). je vous ferai pas mal de publicite en france car je sais que vous n'avez pas de distributeur dans mon pays.
Datum: 07 Juni 2001
von: mathias
paris, france france
Absolutely nothing but favorable words, here! Got my NewBeetle 1.8T chipped yesterday and I've been grinning ever since! GREAT performance!
Datum: 20 Mai 2001
von: Bob
Detroit, MI USA
After changing chips, my car got very powerfull and torquefull. On highway, I have not been overtaken by other cars. I changed chips by myself, with great help from an Upsolute staff. It was another excitement that I did it by myself. Thank you for your excellent and kind co-operation.
Datum: 18 Mai 2001
von: Masaaki Oishi
Sakai, Osaka Japan
One of the 17 Upsolute Board members who were chipped in May 2001 at the GTI International.

I have to say that this chip has to be the best upgrade you can give a car.Worth every penny. Mines a 1995 Passat TDI 90bhp. The increase in power and torque makes the car even more pleasurable to drive and the return up north after the event could have been three times as far and I wouldn't have minded one bit. The acceleration throughout the gears is fantastic especially in second and third. The response in fifth,in the 3rd lane of the motorway,when someone pulls over is very good,pulling strongly out of the 70 - 80mph zone. Fuel economy appears to be the same so far too.

I was a bit apprehensive about the ECU removal but shouldn't have been. It's a very basic operation on the B4 Passat and anyone could manage it in 10- 15 mins with a 10 mil spanner, long flatheaded screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver. If anyone requires info give me an email. If I had known how easy it was to remove and how much difference the chip made, the ECU would have been in the post a long, long time ago.

Thankyou very much Alex,Ali and Ossi for your efforts on the day and for the smile that spreads across my face each time I drive my Upsoluted TDI. Your good,honest guys with a great product and deserve all the success that is coming your way.

Thanks again, and again, and again....

best wishes.

Datum: 17 Mai 2001
von: coddy
Fleetwood, Lancs UK
I had my Gti turbo chipped by Upsolute on Saturday and absolutley love it. It has made the car more drivable and a lot, lot more fun. The amount of torque now available at 3000rpm is unreal. I haven't been able to find a down side - more fun to drive, engine is as smooth as before, no increase in fuel consumption when cruising.This is what VW should have produced in the first place. Thank you very much UPsolute.
Datum: 16 Mai 2001
von: MarriedBlonde
I got my 2.0 8v Bora chipped by these guys and all I have is praise!
The power increase isn't as extreme as the turbo charged engines, but the car is certainly quicker and just incredibly smooth and relaxed now. If you have a 2.0 and have looked at the figures. The increases may not seem huge, but its a definate must-have. Your car will never have felt so good!
Datum: 16 Mai 2001
von: Union Jack
Ich hab mir vor ca. 3 Wochen in meinen S3 einen Chip von Euch einbauen lassen. Das Ergebnis was mehr als überraschend. Ich dachte immer mein Auto geht auch original gut, aber jetzt hat sich der Spaßfaktor deutlich erhöht. So sollte das Fahrzeug original gehen ;-) Wirklich sehr zufrieden, kann Euch uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen

Datum: 07 Mai 2001
von: Michael
Vienna, Austria
Golf3 1,9l 90PS TDI, upsoluted==WOAH! So macht das OPEL-jagen spass ;)) super arbeit jungs, weiter so!
Datum: 17 April 2001
von: Tom
Vienna, Austria
Since a few weeks my Opel Zafira 16V-Di is tuned by Evry from Upsolute Holland.
In the beginning we had a few electrical problems but now they are solved, the power and torque is much better. From 82 Hp to app. 109 HP, and torque from 185 Nm to 235 Nm. That is improvement!
Datum: 14 April 2001
von: Ron
Zeewolde, Holland
Mann oh mann. Mein New Beetle fühlt sich wie es 30% leichter geworden ist!

Even driving like a madman, my fuel usage is approximately the same (very slightly lower, but I've been playing a LOT!)

Datum: 13 April 2001
von: Mark Meachen
cambridge, ma usa
Mann oh mann. Mein New Beetle fühlt sich wie 30% es leichter geworden ist!

Even driving like a madman, my fuel usage is approximately the same (very slightly lower, but I've been playing a LOT!)

Datum: 13 April 2001
von: Mark Meachen
cambridge, ma usa
Ihr habt meinem Audi TT, endlich die Leistung gegeben die er vom Werk aus haben sollte.
Meine Meinung ist nach 14 Tage testen, ihr seit uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen, den bei euch stimmt nicht nur der Preis sondern auch die Leistung!
Datum: 05 April 2001
von: Jürgen
The torque produced by my 2001 NB TDI with the Upsolute chip is amazing!
Just as good is the service and customer support provided by Tazz, Valois and Alex.
After 25,000km, I am getting 5.5l/100km or 43mpg US (51mpg Imp), usually cruising at 130km (80mph)
So I'm more than happy with the chip.

Datum: 04 April 2001
von: Alan Peters
Colborne, Ontario Canada
Habe mir gestern bei meinen Citroen Picasso einen Chip einbauen lassen, kann nur sagen, ich bin begeistert.
Die Leistung dieses Autos hat sich enorm gesteigert. Euer Team ist wirklich gut, nur weiter so. Werde Euch auf jedenfall weiter empfehlen. Liebe Grüße Gustav
Datum: 31 März 2001
von: Gustav
Mistelbach,, Mistelbach,
I have a 2000 Golf TDI. Up until 3 weeks ago the car was completely stock, and I had the UPsolute chip installed. This product is fantastic. I've had no problems such as smoking or cels, mileage hits" or clutch slipping. I now love accelerating into onramps and stomping the GO pedal on the interstate. The sensation ? Tower to Lerner.....You are cleared for takeoff! Whoosh! After some initial concerns about NVH, I've cleaned the MAF, flushed the IC, and balanced the wheels, now I'm in TDI heaven!

Thanks to Valois and all at UPsolute! "
Datum: 26 März 2001
von: Nathan Lerner
Houston, TX USA
Welldone to your South African Agents (Chris), although the Chiptuning done on my BMW 740i (E38) with V8 4.0l Engine was their first! The chiptuning is definitely worth it. I feel more comfortable now to drive the vehicle only in A-Mode and not allways in S-Mode. The acceleration in A-Mode was allways to slow and the vehicle changed two gears down. Now it only changes one gear down and also accelerates comfortable in fifth gear. The S-Mode is often to hektik and gear changes are to often, specially in heavy traffic.
Top speed was not tested yet! Yes, their is definitely more power available when it is needed and it catches up to the 4.4l version. Welldone!
Datum: 24 März 2001
von: Adolf Hüster
Benoni, Gauteng South Africa
My car is a 1996 VW Passat TDI 90hp (originally, not any more!)

The difference in power with the Upsolute chip is like night and day, and yet fuel consumption is not affected, and it runs as smoothly as it did before. Customer service was good, Upsolute clearly works hard to produce something that works. Thanks!
Datum: 10 März 2001
von: Brian Petersen (a.k.a. GoFaster)
Brampton, Ontario Canada
I recently had my TDI chipped and I love it. The TDI is a remarkable engine on its own. But now it is a Beast! Thanks to Valois for the GTG in Houston. If anyone is thinking about having it done, go for it you will like it. Chuck.
Datum: 06 März 2001
von: Chuck
Thanks a lot for this fantastic feedback ;-)
Datum: 05 März 2001
von: Alex
Oberwaltersdorf, NOE Austria
Wow, I have Upsoluted my two US Spec 90HP 1.9L VW TDIs and am very happy with the results. One is a 98 NB and the other a 99 Jetta. Power response is impressive, fuel economy is great, starting and running is super smooth. Excellent product and keep up the good work!
Datum: 21 Februar 2001
von: Thom Andresen
Archer, Florida USA
Chiptuning bei meinem Skoda Octavia.

Möchte mich auf diesem Wege mich noch einmal bedanken, hätte nicht gedacht,
daß ein Diesel so gut geht!!! Viel Glück und Erfolg für Euer Unternehmen.

Datum: 21 Februar 2001
von: Georg
Vienna, Austria
Wertes Chiptronic Team !!!
Habe mir gestern bei euch in meinen Voyager eine Chip einbauen lassen und bin VOLL BEGEISTERT !!!!! die ehemals lahme FAMILIENKUTSCHE" gibt jetzt richtig GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS !!!! Jetzt macht das fahren wieder Spaß !!!! KRÄFTIGER SCHUB AB 1700 U/min bis zum ROTEN BEREICH OHNE LOCH UND RUCKEN !!!
und im 5. Gang eine viel bessere beschleunigung als vorher, da erspare ich mir doch glatt das zurückschalten.

Also nach meiner ausgibigen Testfahrt von ca 3 Stunden bin ich voll überzeugt.

!!!!! MACHT WEITER SO !!!!! (Preis,Leistung,Freundlichkeit)
Ich werde euch weiterempfehlen!

mfg Gerhard "
Datum: 16 Februar 2001
von: Gerhard
new happy customer section is opened, if you think that the upsolute products are good, post it here, if you think they are bad.....hmmm...yes of course you should post this either ;-)
Datum: 15 Februar 2001
von: Alex
Oberwaltersdorf, Austria

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