Chiptuning and the secret behind it

To understand the Chiptuning process, you need to know where and how the optimization will take place. The optimization will be exclusively performed in the ECU (Engine Control Unit), that means the engine itself will not be modified in any way, only the chip (Eprom/Flash) which contains the data used for the engine management. The OEM software will be optimized and programmed to a new chip. To fully lift the secret, we need to go more into detail...



Car Database update 31. May 2022
Car Database update Big Car Database update! We just released a quite big our car database update and as usual, there might be some typos or other little…

UPsolute Porsche 911 GTS 540 HP 27. May 2021
UPsolute Porsche 911 GTS 540 HP UPsolute Stage 2 Tuning: Porsche 911 GTS 540 HP / 680 NM (from 450 HP / 550 NM)

We are open againt!! 14. Apr 2020
We are open againt!! Today we reopen our doors after the Corona Shutdown!   Stay safe   Your Upsolute Team

Corona-Pitstop 15. Mar 2020
Corona-Pitstop In order to support efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19 Corona Virus and to protect our customers, visitors and staff, the UPsolute HQ will…

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