• UPsolute.com The Chiptuning Company
  • UPsolute.com The Chiptuning Company
  • UPsolute.com The Chiptuning Company
  • UPsolute.com The Chiptuning Company

What are my benefits going with UPsolute?

  • A reduction of your fuel consumption (at same driving fashion).
  • A guaranty error free tuning software, which behaves itself total neutral at inspections works. Your car will output the same information at the diagnostic tools like it would be in the original condition.
  • Only products of high quality from companies like AMD, Intel and SGS-Thomson.
  • The option of installing back the original chip within minutes.
  • Full warranty for the tuningchip and for the installation.
  • A friendly and professionally distributor.


Find the Chiptuning Power for your car!

Remote switch
thumb_touch_500x334.jpg Remote switch "Get in Touch"

The remote switch, developed by upsolute.com, enables you to choose between stock and optimized power with a tip of your finger!


  • No installation of cables into the inside of the car necessary.
  • No mechanical switch.
  • Every remote switch has an individual matching-code.
  • Activation the UPsolute-power without the remote switch is impossible.

More advantages:

  • If the street conditions are bad (winter), you can switch back to the stock power.
  • If you do not want anyone else to use the increased power of your car.
  • If more than one person is using the car.
pop-off valves
popoff.jpg Profit from aeronautical technique!

Now we are also able to offer pop-off valves for sale. These pop-off valves which were also called blow-off valves, are made of high quality aeronautical aluminium.

You can choose between two different variants. On the one hand there is "Eco Pop", which you can use as spare part. The lifetime is much longer than by the original parts. On the other hand there are "Racing Pop" valves available, which are constructed for racing conditions.


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